Take action on
the three ESG pillars


Luxempart is a family-owned investment company, whose business is driven by our family values: long-term value creation through patient involvement and shared vision with our partners – hence our baseline: Growing together. We carry out our mission in accordance with our core values, which are:

Trust and reliability

Honesty and honourability

The Board of Directors and the Group Executive Committee have implemented a structured way to consider ESG factors in the strategy and operations of the Group. In this context, Luxempart has onboarded the entire team to develop and implement its sustainability vision.

Our tailored sustainability framework

Luxempart is committed to an ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders, being its employees, its portfolio companies, its partners and co-investors, the authorities and regulators.

The outcome has resulted in a materiality matrix that encompasses common and relevant environmental, social and governance standards. We have defined 9 indicators representing our priorities in corporate and portfolio actions around the three ESG areas: planet, people and governance.


We strive to apply those sustainability indicators at Corporate level, but even more so at Portfolio company’s level, as we are truly convinced that companies that are driven by sustainable values will outperform their markets in the long term, and as such will create extra value for their shareholders.

As an investment company, we see many different situations and practices among our portfolio companies. Putting together those “good practices” and sharing them across our portfolio companies will allow for continued improvements and collective progress.

The Sustainability Committee together with Management ensure that the Group is compliant with all the applicable sustainability laws and regulations.