of Directors

The Board of Directors is a collegial body that has the powers to take any decisions and measures that are necessary or useful to the achievement of Luxempart’s corporate purpose, except for the powers exclusively reserved for the General Meeting of Shareholders by law or the Articles of Association.

The Board of Directors ensures the long-term development of Luxempart and of its business activities in the interests of all the shareholders, while taking into account the interests of other stakeholders, such as employees, creditors and, generally speaking, the community in which the Company operates.

The Board of Directors is first and foremost responsible for the strategic management of the Company and for monitoring the conduct of its business affairs, the shaping of values, objectives and key policies to be complied with.


The Board of Directors may ask for assistance, in an advisory capacity, from Specialised Committees that it sets up and for which it determines the role, responsibilities, composition and operating methods in specific areas. Currently, Luxempart has three Specialised Committees:

  • the Audit, Compliance and Risk Committee, that assists the Board of Directors with their tasks relating to the oversight of the financial information process, the internal and external audit process and the internal control process
  • the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, that assists the Board of Directors with any issues relating to the nomination and dismissal of, and the remuneration paid to, the Directors and to the members of the Group Executive Committee
  • the Sustainability Committee, that assists the Board of Directors with the definition and application of the Sustainability Strategy of Luxempart.


The Board of Directors has delegated the day-to-day management of Luxempart to two Managing Directors. The Managing Directors are seconded by the Group Executive Committee in this task.