SüssMicroTec SE

Süss MicroTec SE is a leading supplier of innovative systems and process solutions for micro structuring applications for the semiconductor industry (advanced back-end and front-end process steps) and related niche markets (e.g. MEMS sensors, 3D integration, LED).



€ 300m

Turnover: Ca. (2022)


Date of acquisition

Registered office
Garching, Germany
Business Sector

German manufacturer of process equipment for niche semiconductor manufacturing (mainly back-end): micro-electro-mechanical sensors (MEMS), advanced packaging, 3D integration and LED

The company operates through four divisions, namely back-end lithography (60% of FY 2021 sales), photomask processing (18%), wafer bonding (12%) and micro-optical components (10%).

Investment thesis

Our investment thesis is built on several attractive attributes:

  • Structurally growing markets, driven by mega trends such as digitization and 5G, which create significant demand for semiconductors
  • Market and technology leadership, being a leading player for mask aligners, coater / developer clusters, wafer bonders and photomask cleaning equipment
  • Strong value creation potential fuelled by significant revenue growth and margin enhancement


  • Supervisory Board reshuffled and reinforced since 2020
  • Review and sharpening of the group’s strategy and operations