Quip AG

Quip AG is a German company headquartered near Aachen providing industrial services and temporary staffing across various industries. It handles specific tasks in manufacturing and assembly processes for a diverse range of clients.



€ 100m

Turnover: approx. (2022)


Date of acquisition

Registered office
Baesweiler, Germany
Business Sector

Provides its customers with flexible industrial services focused on mechanical and electrical assembly, as well as tailored staffing solutions.

Investment thesis

Our investment thesis is built on several attractive attributes:

  • Industrial services and temporary employment are combined as part of a synergistic business strategy to give customers a comprehensive service portfolio that significantly increases value and flexibility across their production processes
  • Quip stands out from other temporary staffing companies thanks to its combined service portfolio, enabling job candidates to expand their skill sets inside its industrial services business unit


  • Complete reorganisation and repositioning focused on higher value-added industrial service solutions which provides closer integration into customer processes
  • Expansion into Southern Germany and into attractive end markets with targeted add-on acquisitions
  • Transitioning from founders to a new external management team
  • Streamlining of activities with the sale of non-core entities Talbot and tracking-rail, which focused on maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) services as well as assembly and staffing services in the rail industry