iM Global Partner is a global distribution platform for top-performing asset management products. It selects entrepreneurial asset managers (“Partners") and invests in them through minority stakes. Then it distributes them on its own platform and increases their revenues by adding Assets Under Management.


Percentage held


Investment year

Registered office France
Business Sector
Financial services

Revenues for iM Global Partner hence notably stem from Partners’ dividends, management fees from proprietary asset management vehicles and distribution fees.

Investment Thesis

Join two outstanding investors in a global, fast-growing financial services company

  • Asset Management follows secular growth trends (ageing population, financing of retirement models)
  • iM Global Partner has a strongly differentiating business model, fostered by Eurazeo and Amundi
  • Allows to enter into symbiotic relationship: iM Global Partner increases Assets Under Management of its Partner through distribution capabilities and the Partner enhances iM Global Partner’s top performing product range
  • Target to attract 6-10 new Partners by 2026 and deploy additional capital

What has been achieved since investment

  • Strengthened distribution capabilities and delivered proof of concept (e.g. ability to collect new money even in difficult market environments and ability to win large institutional mandates in competitive tenders)
  • Strengthened service offering by increasing the number of partners from 6 to 9 and adding Asset Allocation, US municipality bonds as well as US equity with focus on dividend investing
  • Entered the US wealth management market (RIA)