FX Solutions

FX Solutions specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of shoulder implants and surgical instruments. The company's product offering is comprised of shoulder prostheses meeting all existing needs in shoulder arthroplasty: joint trauma (accident, shock) or degenerative diseases (body ageing).



€ 28.6m



Date of acquisition

Registered office
Viriat, France
Business Sector

One of the world’s leading companies in shoulder arthroplasty.

Investment thesis

Our investment thesis is built on several attractive attributes:

  • Large niche extremities market (worth $1.1bn at entry) with strong organic growth potential
  • FX Solutions is one of the top five players in the global shoulder implant market
  • Quality products, strong reputation will help to gain Key Opinion Leaders
  • Strong organic growth driven by the US market penetration, further market share gain in France, release of new products, and market natural growth 
  • Co-investment with an established financial sponsor with long-lasting experience in the healthcare sector


  • Launch of FX Solutions USA in 2018 and successful penetration of the US market with growing coverage and adoption
  • Confirmation of leading position in Europe
  • Enhancement of the quality and regulatory affairs departments of the company
  • Completion of the product range with FDA approval on short stem implants
  • Permanent investment in R&D with IDE ongoing on the easytech reversed implant