Coutot-Roehrig is the largest probate research company in Europe specialized since 1894 in the identification and location of rightful heirs worldwide. As probate researcher, the company is legally appointed to proceed with the settlement of estates.
The task of Coutot-Roehrig is to identify and locate heirs and to establish their entitlement all along the probate process.
The company has access to a unique database of digitized archives covering more than 1 billion sets of data Coutot-Roehrig has built a group of 46 branch offices in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco and in the USA.



EUR approx. 70m



Investment year

Registered office
Paris, France
Business Sector

Investment thesis

• European Leader operating world-wide and with offices in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain
• Steadily growing genealogy market favouring market leaders with international reach
• Highly resilient business with limited correlation to the global economy
• Ambitious expansion plan across Europe
• Partnership with a dynamic and successful entrepreneur