AEB enables winemakers and brewers around the world to improve natural processes, using 99% natural ingredients. It offers a one stop shop solution: ingredients can be bundled with detergent solutions and equipment. AEB develops formulas, assembles raw materials, tests them, outsources yeast production and distributes its advice and products on a global scale.




Turnover: ca. (2022)


Date of acquisition

Registered office
Brescia, Italy
Business Sector

One of the leaders in wine & beer ingredients, also active in detergents and equipment used in food & beverage production processes.

Investment thesis

Our investment thesis is built on several attractive attributes:

  • AEB is one of the global leaders in its core wine ingredients sub-sector
  • AEB benefits from strong cross-selling opportunities
  • It is a global company with direct sales presence across continents
  • A fragmented market with some worldwide bolt-on M&A opportunities
  • AEB is set to further (i) expand oenology in underpenetrated markets, (ii) maintain tactical positioning in beer segment, (iii) reinforce its presence in the detergent business and (iv) enhance its equipment offering, all contributing to organic growth


  • AEB achieved 10%+ revenue growth in 2022 
  • It successfully conquered new markets in the wine segment and increased cross-selling
  • It started to diversify its geographic exposure outside of Italy, gradually expanding in most important wine production countries: Argentina, Australia, France, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and USA
  • It developed its digital capabilities, with a new ERP and CRM
  • AEB closed its first acquisition in France in 2021