Born from the combination of the Italian Enoplastic and the French Sparflex, and joined more recently by Supercap/Corchomex (leading T-bars producer), Crealis is the global leader in the B2B manufacturing of high-end wine and spirits closure solutions. Its product offering includes a wide range of solutions, such as capsules, wirehoods, screwcaps, synthetic corks and seals for sparkling and still wine as well as T-bars for spirits, all designed and customised for each client.



€ 300m

Turnover: ca. (2022)


Date of acquisition

Registered office
Bodio Lomnago, Italy
Business Sector

Employing c. 2,000 people, Crealis has local facilities in Italy, France, the USA, Mexico, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Global leader in the B2B manufacturing of high-end wine and spirits closure solutions

Investment thesis

  • The combination of Enoplastic with French market leader Sparflex has given birth to the undisputed global #1 player in wine closures with a physical presence in all main wine producing regions.
  • Unique opportunity to get access to two pure primary deal situations with significant operational improvements reached in the combined entity.
  • Implementation of the Group’s integration plan, continuous improvement of operations and M&A discussion together with the lead financial investor, Cobepa, and alongside Management


  • Industrial integration with important synergies stemming from the merger between Enoplastic and Sparflex
  • Important M&A activity (6 companies acquired since the combination of Enoplastic and Sparflex) allowing to broaden the product portfolio and diversify geographically.
  • Implementation a new parent brand (Crealis) incorporating the eight distinct brands to reinforce the global reach while maintaining close proximity to the group’s clients