Our vision

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Long term investor

  • With permanent capital and family background, Luxempart invests with a medium to long term investment perspective. This ensures that these companies enjoy sufficient time and continued commitment to implement their strategy, execute their business plan, and develop their true potential.
  • With substantial financial resources and committed industry expertise, Luxempart aims to help ambitious entrepreneurs attain a strong market position in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.

Flexible and agile

  • For each investment, Luxempart ensures that a common project is defined that creates value for and aligns the interests of both the company’s management and its shareholders. Such plan forms the cornerstone of our partnership.
  • We are able to adapt to intricate family situations and to provide tailor-made governance and structuring solutions that allow to align constraints and interests of all stakeholders.
  • Together with the management and the other shareholders, we contribute to the determination of the company’s strategy. Without being involved in day-to-day management however, we actively participate in decisions which are key to the company’s future. We refer to this investment philosophy as our “hands with” approach.