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Few investors in our size segment are truly European. With our team spread across all major European geographies, its extensive network and our common goal to foster the development of our portfolio companies, we are able to accelerate growth significantly.

We provide strong backing to our management teams without interfering in day-to-day business. But we see ourselves as supporting force to our managers, in good as well as in more problematic situations.

We can dedicate significant resources across our European team to help portfolio companies in implementing their strategic goals.

Our unique combination of family background and stock-exchange governance ensures a professional yet tailor-made approach of business situations.

For our fund partners, we work in close relationship with the teams and are able to offer quick responsiveness in terms of co-investments either in follow-on transactions or within the context of a first time transaction, which reduce opportunity costs, increase flexibility and fire power of our partners. Through our valuable networks, Luxempart may act as a business facilitator supporting companies and teams during the course of their development and is well-positioned to ensure governance best practices, expanding in other geographies, supporting acquisitions (including cross-border). Our business is managed by a team based in Luxembourg that consists of multi-cultural, mobile, and responsive professionals.