LUXEMPART is a Luxembourg based investment holding company with more than 25 years of existence, a net asset value of 1.4 billion and a market capitalisation of nearly 1 billion as of end of 2018.

Luxempart invests in several European countries, mainly in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Luxembourg Belgium, France and Northern Italy. Its core team is based in Luxembourg. Luxempart also has own or associated teams in Germany, France, Belgium and Northern Italy.

Luxempart has stable and involved family shareholders with industrial background who promote For their shareholders

✓regular dividend payments
✓ sustainable net asset value growth
✓ first class governance
✓ high quality reporting standards
✓ high quality management
✓ combination of portfolio diversification and concentration ✓ regular capital gains.

For their business partners

✓passion for talented entrepreneurs
✓minority and majority participations
✓ long-term investment capital
✓involvement based on entrepreneurial and industrial experience ✓ cultural and linguistic skills for European ambition

✓ partnership with family businesses ✓ tailored governance principles ✓extensive network

Investments are realized along the following guidelines:

✓ investment amounts up to € 100 million
✓ investment in listed and non-listed companies
✓no exit pressure
✓ involvement on board level
✓ supportive, hands-on approach
✓no sector focus but affinity for energy, insurance, telecommunication, security, health care and education

Luxempart shareholders and management believe in value creation through patient involvement, European mind-set and ambitious team spirit.

Our evolution has been characterized by a successful diversification and internationalization of our portfolio and our teams.

Our track record over the last twenty five years has been positive with a group IRR above 15% and with a regular dividend increase.

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Direct Investments

Luxempart’s aim is to acquire and manage direct equity investments in target geographical regions, which primarily consists of Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (DACH Region). This business is managed by a team based in Luxembourg that consists of multi-cultural, mobile, and responsive professionals, so that they can operate on the markets.


Specialised Teams

Luxempart’s aim is to manage specialised teams in the following areas :

– local private equity teams in Belgium, France, Northern Italy, and Germany, as part of various types of partnership with Luxempart
– a Luxembourg PIPE team, which selects, analyses, and monitors minority interests in listed European companies, as part of a proactive approach that is close to a private equity approach
– a team responsible for selecting and monitoring new technology and new economy funds. This business is currently marginal, but will be developed by setting up an internal selection and monitoring unit


Our teams

The Luxempart teams are actively involved on the ground via our local partners, in order to provide our experience and support to our long-term investments.



We are always seeking new talent and motivated people, in order to move our projects forward and share our proactive view of our group.